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History Of Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant in Malaysia

Anjappar, established in 1964 in Chennai, is a pioneer in bringing the famed chatters to the world. With over 60 years of experience and over 90 outlets, Anjappar offers a homely dining experience with fresh products and secret home-ground recipes. With over 60 years of experience and 50 locations, Anjappar has become synonymous with Chettinad cuisine. They have adapted to changing times by increasing their standards to cater to the ever-growing needs of today's taste hunters. Anjappar Restaurants has preserved culinary traditions and served as an outstanding ambassador of Chettinad Cuisine. With over 50 locations and a focus on providing unique dishes, Anjappar has become synonymous with the cuisine and has expanded its reach overseas to cater to the growing demand for Chettinad cuisine.

As one of the best ambassadors of Chettinad cuisine, Anjappar Restaurants has now maintained its culinary traditions.

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Anjappar Restaurant's journey in Malaysia began in 2004, 20 years ago, bringing the fiery flavors of Chettinad cuisine to Malaysian palates.

Anjappar, a restaurant chain originating from Chennai, India, has expanded its presence in Malaysia. Starting with a single restaurant in Malaysia, Anjappar has since opened five locations across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor. Our focus is on authenticity, using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients. With five locations, Anjappar continues to share its passion for Chettinad cuisine with a wider audience. As a local favorite, Anjappar aims to become the go-to destination for those seeking a true taste of South India in Malaysia.

A dish of soup called Chettinad, garnished with cheese cubes and parsley, respecting the chef

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Wonderful Chettinadu restaurant innKL. Was really hungry during our hot day transit trip in KL. The food was very tasty with authentic style, friendly staff, great supervision from the restaurant manager and many things to note. Felt like we were in a Chennai restaurant. Loved it.

Cyril Francis
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The food is good. Bit pricey than other shops. The Tandoori chicken and garlic cheese bread is nice and hot. The sweet lac i is bit sour. The daal and mint chutney comes with tandoori chicken steal the limelight.

Jannatul Tabassum Suhina
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If you love south indian food, this place is for you. My experience here was great. I took veg thali and it was really yummy. The prices are here also of mid range, not too costly. I have uploaded the menu as well for your reference

Tia Das
Best South Indian Wedding Veg Catering Services In Malaysia

The foods are delicious as standard Indian foods, price is reasonable, love the chai masala tea! Recommend to order 1 meat, 1 vege and 1 bread type or 1 rice. They have banana leaf rice too, but I haven’t tried before. BMG Indian music, can feel the culture while dine in.

Joey Kok
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History of Anjappar Authentic Chettinad Restaurant

The clock tower and red color of the building make it an easily significant part of Chennai's heritage

Anjappar is founded in Chennai, India, marking the beginning of its journey as a pioneer in Chettinad cuisine.

The restaurant's busy tables, where diners enjoy their meals, create a vibrant and dark scene.

The restaurant is gaining popularity among locals and tourists due to its authentic South Indian flavors and traditional dishes.

A table is laden with dishes from Indian cuisine, including curry, naan, samosas, and rice.

Anjappar has expanded its presence in Chennai, solidifying its position as a renowned brand known for its quality and taste.

The exterior of Anjappar Indian Restaurant showcases vibrant decor and an inviting atmosphere.

Anjappar is expanding its international presence to meet the growing global demand for South Indian cuisine.

A restaurant with vibrant decor and Indian cuisine attracts customers across multiple cities.

Anjappar, a global fashion brand, has expanded its global presence and opened new outlets in key cities worldwide.

A variety of delectable dishes, representing a diverse range of family-cuisine, fill the plate.

The restaurant is blending modernization with its roots, introducing innovative dishes to cater to customer's evolving tastes.

An assortment of rice, vegetables, and spices displays authentic flavors in various dishes.

Anjappar, a culinary institution with over five decades of experience, continues to uphold its commitment to offering authentic flavors.

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