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Top South Indian Cuisine Menu in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

A substantial bowl of soup with soft meat and crisp veggies makes for a tasty & nourishing supper

Soups-Non Veg

A platter of skewers with a variety of meat and veggie combinations that are perfect for grilling


A plate of perfectly cooked, smoke-infused grilled chicken wings that are ready to be devoured

Tandoori Starters– NON VEG

An attractive and nutritious dish consisting of a colorful mixture of rice and veggies on a platter

Rice Special

 A plate of food showcasing a variety of biriyani and egg, a satisfying weekend special dish

Weekend Special Biriyani's

A vibrant bowl of curry made with chicken and veggies that is both delicious and nourishing

Chicken Curry & Sides

A bowl of delicious seafood and a spoon are placed next to a cooking skillet full of seafood

SEA Food - Fish

Tender, flavorful platter of freshly cooked salmon accompanied by fish, lemon, and herbs

Choice Of Fish

A dish consisting of ground pork served in a delicious sauce, called egg curry, in a bowl

Egg Specials

A bowl on a wooden table with a spoon resting over a plate of vibrant and varied veggies

Vegetarian Sides

An excellent and cozy dinner consisting of a platter with two tawa breads and a cup of soup

Tawa Bread's - South Indian

A plate including three little inactive items that highlight the food's vivid flavors and colors

Steam Zone

Orange slices in a closeup of a bowl of ethnic goodies produce a striking appetizer contrast

Ethnic Delights

Brightly colored fruit juice smoothies that are ideal for a nutritious and revitalizing beverage

Fresh Juices

Combining two glasses of lassi with a dish of yogurt is a wholesome and revitalizing option


An ideal way to brighten up your morning is to have three cups of hot beverages placed on a wooden table

Hot Beverages

A spoon resting above a bowl of vegetable soup, waiting to be enjoyed and thoroughly tasted


A plate full of several non-vegetarian appetizers that are perfectly cooked and ready to eat

Starters Non-Veg

A dish filled with an array of delectable foods, such as cereals, meat, veggies, and thali


A generous serving of rice biriyani and chicken leg pieces, topped with a flavorful sauce and spices


A table with a wok filled with colorful vegetables and a pair of chopsticks resting on top

From The Wok

A substantial bowl of stew that has been well cooked, featuring soft meat and vibrant veggies

Lamb Curry& Sides

A hearty portion of a delicious prawn meal, enhanced with a zesty sauce and seasoned with lemon


A large serving of flavorful grilled crab that has been enriched with sauce and seasoned with leaves

SEA Food - Crab

A generous serving of rich, flavorful chicken gravy enriched with sauce and infused with herbs

Vegetarian Curry

Two pieces of the traditional Indian flatbread known as naan are present in the serving bowl

Tandoori Bread's

A platter filled with authentic varieties of chutney & served with a delicious dosa in a banana leaf

Dosa Varieties

A platter is presented with two slices of the classic Indian dosa with traditional Indian chutneys

Special Dosai's

A delightful cheesecake slice with rich cream and a cherry on top, presented on a dessert plate

Desset's / Ice Creams

Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors of milkshakes topped with whipped cream and a cherry.


Four unique colored beverages are poured in glasses, offering a tasty beverage with ice cube on top.

Cold Beverages

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