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Anjappar Restaurant provides a special housewarming party catering service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. We provide real South Indian food to make your event a day to remember. The eatery is a welcoming destination for both new and returning patrons, offering a wide variety of delicious dishes to leave a lasting impression. Anjappar Restaurant is dedicated to creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your new house with our well-known Indian cuisine.

People serve a variety of delicious food at a buffet line during a special occasion for the office.

We offer unique catering services in KL & Selangor for various occasions, including housewarming parties, engagements, weddings, birthdays, and festive events.

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Delicious Indian Food

Delicious South Indian Menu For The Housewarming Feast

Indian food, a popular dish in Kuala Lumpur, features flavorful spices and diverse ingredients.
Welcome Appetizers

Start your celebration with a delectable array of South Indian starters, including crispy samosas, tangy chaats, and succulent kebabs, to tantalize your taste buds.

High Quality South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant In Malaysia
Main Courses

Experience the rich culinary heritage of South India with an exquisite array of main courses, including aromatic curries, fragrant rice dishes, and savoury vegetable preparations.

A plate containing a variety of Indian dishes, including samosas, rice, naan, and curry recipes.
Vegetarian Delights

Our vegetarian menu boasts vibrant dishes bursting with colour and flavour, featuring creamy paneer tikka masala, Chilli Mushroom Fry, and fragrant vegetable biryani.

A plate filled with tasty food is served with an arrangement of vibrantly colored spices and meals.
Non-Vegetarian Options

Indulge your guests with our delectable meat-based dishes featuring succulent chicken, lamb, and seafood curries, all expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection.

A serving platter with a bowl of delicious soup and a spoon is ready to be served and enjoyed.

Enhance your dining experience with a variety of accompaniments like fluffy naan bread, aromatic basmati rice, and refreshing raita, providing a burst of flavour and texture.

A table with a glass of yummy,sweet milk and a spoon displays a dairy Product,pudding.

Celebrate your event with decadent South Indian desserts like gulab jamun, rasgulla, and kheer, leaving guests craving more and completing your culinary journey.

Why Choose Anjappar?

Why Choose Anjappar Restaurant for Housewarming Catering?

Top Most Authentic Non Vegetarian Restaurant in Malaysia
Quality Ingredients

We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in our cooking, ensuring every dish is bursting with flavour and made with love and care.

Best Traditional South-Indian Food in Malaysia
Personalized Service

Our team will collaborate closely to create a menu that reflects your taste, style, and personality, ensuring every dish is a reflection of your preferences.

Best South Indian meal in Malaysia
Halal Certified

Halal certification ensures food is prepared without prohibited ingredients like pork, alcohol, or meat that don't follow Islamic dietary laws.

High quality South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Malaysia
Customized Package

Our catering packages are tailored to accommodate gatherings of all sizes and budgets, ensuring your housewarming celebration is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Best South Indian Outdoor Catering Veg Restaurant In Malaysia
Skilled Chefs

Skilled chefs possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the culinary arts, including food preparation, cooking techniques, flavour pairing, and menu planning.

Top South Indian Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Authentic South Indian Cuisine

Our menu offers a variety of authentic South Indian dishes, ranging from classic favourites to contemporary delights, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable dining experience for all.


FAQs About Housewarming Catering Services

We offer a vegetarian-only menu for housewarmings, featuring a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes that can be combined to create a vibrant and flavorful feast.
Housewarming catering costs vary based on event size, menu selection, and additional services. Flexible packages are available for all budgets. Contact us for more details on price and menu details.
Yes! We encourage you to personalize the menu to reflect your tastes and preferences. Our team is happy to work with you to create a menu that is perfect for your celebration.
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