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Best Veg & Non-Veg South Indian Restaurant In Malaysia

Soft mutton chunks make a tasty and aromatic bowl of mutton biryani, along with a favorable aroma.
Tables and chairs are arranged on the restaurant terrace, and decorative pictures cover the wall.
Indian Veg Catering prepares a diverse assortment of food on a metal tray, showcasing various dishes
At a buffet, a mix of savory and sweet dishes is showcased, offering a wide array of food for guests
An Indian chef creates a plate of flavorful chicken biryani by cooking it with aromatic spices.
Why Us?

Why Choose Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant in Malaysia?

Best Authentic Indian Masala food restaurant in Malaysia

Rich Tradition

Our restaurant, offers a special dining experience with history and culture.

Top South Indian Chettinadu Restaurant in Malaysia

Authentic Flavours

Taste our Veg & non-Veg food made with homemade spices for true flavours.

Best Indian Non Veg Masala Catering Services in Malaysia

Enduring Appeal

Our dining experience blends tradition, flavour, and lasting memories for you.

About Anjappar Restaurant

Best South Indian Restaurant in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Anjappar Restaurants, a renowned Indian restaurant chain, is well-known in Malaysia for its authentic Chettinad cuisine. We operate multiple locations in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Johor Bahru has delighted customers with our delicious dishes, traditional cooking methods, and warm hospitality for over 20 years in Malaysia.

Flavours of Tradition, Hospitality with Passion!

Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant in Malaysia, offers a diverse menu of South Indian cuisine, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties. Our dedicated team ensures a memorable dining experience whether you choose to dine in or opt for our catering services. We blend flavour, culture, and comfort to create unforgettable gatherings.

Malaysia's Best Chettinad Cuisine Non-Vegetarian Foods

Top-notch South Indian Cuisine in Malaysia.

South Indian Non-veg Food in Race Course, Malaysia

Cosy and inviting family dining experience.

Best Restaurant For Delicious South-Indian Meals

Both veg and non-veg options are available.

Best Banquet Hall For Indian Restaurant in Malaysia

The elegant banquet hall for a memorable dining experience.

Various hotels showcase a collection of veg and non-veg food images, featuring a range of dishes.
Top South Indian Veg and Non Veg Restaurant in Malaysia

60+ Years

Of Experience

A plate of rice, curry, and assorted dishes is served at a delicious South-Indian restaurant.
The coconut milk drizzles delicately over the chicken curry, giving it a golden and creamy texture.
The plate is a canvas of culinary delights, showcasing an array of treats from the Indian kitchen..
A delicious Indian restaurant offers a variety of flavorful dishes and uses traditional spices.
A fragrant mutton biryani fills a gleaming copper bowl to the brim, bursting with savory goodness.
A delicious plate of food featuring Tasty Grill Chicken, accompanied by rice, eggs, and tandoori.
How We Work?

How Does Anjappar Hotel Deliver Authentic South Indian Dining?

Anjappar restaurant offers classic and contemporary menus, available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We also offer a buffet system for hosting celebrations, with six branches across Kuala Lumpur, one in Selangor and another one in Johor. Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant invites you to experience the authentic flavours of India in the heart of Malaysia.

Best Chettinad Cuisine Restaurant in Malaysia
Best Authentic Indian Food Restaurant in Malaysia


Please choose from our authentic menu, which includes plenty of traditional South Indian dishes.

Top Authentic South Indian Food Restaurant in Malaysia
Best Veg Caterer For South-Indian Restaurant in Malaysia

Our chefs carefully prepare each dish with hand-picked spices, ensuring exquisite flavour.

Best Traditional South-Indian Food in Malaysia

Experience our welcoming atmosphere and heartfelt hospitality while enjoying your meal.

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FAQs On South Indian Cuisine Restaurant At Malaysia

Absolutely! Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant offers catering services for all sizes of events, including corporate functions, wedding receptions, and private parties. Their experienced team can create customized menus and provide professional services to make your event memorable.
Yes, Anjappar Restaurant in Malaysia offers Outdoor catering suitable for special occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, and corporate events. Our dedicated staff will work closely with the client to ensure every detail is taken care of for the event.
Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant is known for its signature Indian dishes like chicken biryani, mutton biryani, dosa, chicken Chettinad, and fish curry, which are prepared with authentic spices and recipes, showcasing the rich flavours of South Indian cuisine.
Anjappar Restaurant in Malaysia serves all non-vegetarian dishes using Muslim friendly ingredients and cooking practices. Our restaurant ensures that our non-vegetarian dishes are suitable for Muslim customers.
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